Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Who's The Boss Now? (PS. Not really for kids. See how responsible I am)

Remember Danny Pintauro? The kid who played Jonathan Bower (Judith Light's son) on the sitcom Who's the Boss? Of course you do, everybody remembers at least five episodes of that show. Well, as we all know he came out many years ago, but we had no idea that he would one day turn from the picture above (kinda cute, but nothing really special), into the picture below. God, Alyssa Milano turned out better than I thought. Is this what comes of "showering" with Tony Danza when your a sexually confused teenager? That's Awful! Who Said That? Anyway, I know I don't usually post things like this, I just found it too shocking not to. Plus he reminds me of my first boyfriend, a bit older with a crystal meth gaze. No, I would never do that...again.

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