Friday, January 12, 2007

Elizabeth Rex

I don't know why I hadn't really thought about doing this before but I feel I should promote the play I am co-starring in which starts January 19th. I have already told everyone I know about it, but on the off chance that someone in the Ontario region (particularly Durham Region) that I don't know, sees this post and decides to come see it, I guess that would be a good thing.

The play is Elizabeth Rex by: Timothy Findley. The story focuses on a group of actors (The Lord Chamberlains Men) and their playwright (William Shakespeare) who have just finished a royal performance of "Much Ado About Nothing" and are confined to the Queen's barn for the night due to a curfew in the streets. The Queen pays the actors a visit, seeking distraction for the evening as her former lover (the Earl of Essex) is set to be executed in the morning. The evening brings anything but distraction. Instead the evening reveals much about the Queen (played beautifully by Judith Edmondson), Will Shakespeare and Ned Lowenscroft (the company's brilliant performer of women's roles), the lives they have lived, and the roles they have chosen.

As I said, performances begin January 19th at the Oshawa Arts Resource Centre. All other information is available on the poster up top. Click to enlarge the picture. (Oh, I play Harry Pearle. Almost forgot, duh!.)

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