Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Broken Down Britney

The whole Internet is a-buzz with the latest Britney fiasco, and this site is no exception. Now, I don't like to kick a girl when she's so far down on the stripper pole, but what the hell is going on with her? She can't seem to do anything right nowadays, even K-Feds "career" is looking better than hers. I thought that after all the drinking, ridiculous marriages, break downs, shaving her head, chasing after paparazzi with umbrella's and basically neglecting her kids, that she would at least be able to perform one song properly in order to get her career (what's left of it) back on track, but she couldn't even manage that.

She seemed to forget how to lipsynch (who the fuck forgets how to lipsynch?), she clearly couldn't remember her choreography and the little that she did seem to remember was confused and lackadaisical. I'm so disappointed.

On the bright side, I do really enjoy the song (and a few others that I have heard from the album that have leaked), she didn't look too bad, aside from the poochy stomach (which I really didn't mind because I think it's better to have a bit more than to be lookin' emaciated), and at least she didn't freeze and run off the stage altogether. She tried to salvage but it was already dead.

We know you can't sing Britney but you were once quite the showgirl. I hope to God you get another shot at performing that song properly. Shame.

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