Friday, April 13, 2007


I was in HMV the other day, just walking around and taking in the sights and what should attract my attention but a little canary yellow card informing me that Bjork's new album "Volta" will be released on May 7th. I know....I was as excited as you are now. Since then I have been watching her concert/video DVDs and imagining what the new music will sound like.

From what I've read, the album has been entirely produced by Bjork herself and will feature 10 new tracks featuring input from the likes of Timbaland (ya, I thought it was strange too), Antony Hegarty (Antony and The Johnsons), and Mark Bell (who had a big hand in creating Bjork's album Homogenic).

The first single which was supposed to be released on April 9th (I haven't heard it yet) is called "Earth Intruders". She will be promoting the album with an 18 month world tour that should be announced in the next week or so. Bjork's record label "One Little Indian" has been describing her new tunes as the most commercial sounding work she's ever done. That kind of sentence kinda makes me worry, but Bjork has never let me down before so why would she now? Just look at the album cover.....she looks like a huge gum drop with feet.

I hope I don't have to share the concert hall with people who have only heard one album of material by her. I was kind of pissed off that people started loving her after the whole swan dress thing, but they still didn't really listen to her music. Tour details state that she will be doing a month-on, month-off schedule (I'm assuming because she has a little girl to raise too), and she will be joined on stage by 30 musicians.

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