Sunday, April 22, 2007

Volta Track Listing

I can't seem to get enough of Bjork today, sorry about that folks. However I have just come across the track listing for Volta. Here we go!

1) Earth Intruders (co-produced by Timbaland)

2) Wanderlust

3) Dull Flame Of Desire (Duet with Antony Hegarty)

4) Innocence (co-produced by Timbaland)

5) I See Who You Are (featuring Min Xiao-Fen)

6) Vertebrae By Vertebrae

7) Pneumonia

8) Hope (co-produced by Timbaland)

9) Declare Independence (dedicated to the Faroe Islands and Greenland)

10) My Juvenile (duet with Antony Hegarty, about her son Sindri)

Bonus Track for the UK and Japan

11) I See Who You Are (Mark Bell Mix)

The second single to be released off the album will be Innocence which can now be heard in full on her Myspace page . According to her official website, Bjork is holding a contest for one of her fans to make the video for the single. For all the information on the contest follow this link and let your creative juices flow. Good luck to all that enter. Once again, Volta will be released May 7th.

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